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  • Move from potential to mensch; individual to manager
  • Manager to leader: coherence, macro, long run, people,
  • Leader to actualized human being (Mensch: harmony and gratitude)

What are you solving for? What is winning?

  • You should be solving for work/life harmony

You will likely get what you really want:

  • Pleasure>happiness>joy>peace
  • Peace>Joy>Happy>Money

Knowing != Achieving outcomes MBA -> Work-life harmony (a person to be, someone to love, a work to do)

  1. [A person to be] Knowing yourself, formative experiences, what do you want your brand to be? Who are your people who make your story? :: What re my values: time, money, mindshare (thoughts) ––– these are your values :: What do I read or memorize? What you collect is who you are, but collecting can change who you are. You can rewrite your operating system, you can become the person you want to be. Consider a mentor from history.
  2. [Someone to love] Early in our marrage we had challenges. Joel you are a striver Diana you are a thriver. You can fight it or you can celebrate it. You can take you places you'll never have gone. You can grow roots you would never have had.
  3. [A work to do] "Running stuff" start with Trust, then goals and clarity on mission, then build a team the right people on the right people off, lastly worry about execution.

What is winning? - winning = losing; Delve (delver); who do you want to be when you are 71?

Benjamin Franklin: Want to develop habits that I don't have now

Class questions:

  • Biggest mistake alumni make: "Who do you compare yourself to?" "Teddy Roosevelt: comparison is the thief of joy"; don't compare yourself.
  • Lots of times the best things happen after you've stayed for a bit and built credibility and trust.
  • Biggest regret: Trust people too long. Never trust, never be betrayed. I've let things go too long. My wife catches things before I do. I trust too long.
  • What do you do in moments of insecurity and self doubt: Keep throwing yourself in swift moving streams over and over again. You'll find that you always get to the other shore. Keep doing things that push you out of your comfort zone. You'll get to the other side.
  • What would you tell your younger self? When you make a decision you need to cut the cord. Half in and half out. Be decisive, try not to straddle things. Draw bright lines.
  • Pascal's wager, start with an apriori belief and collect the evidence that reinforces this.
  • Must read book / phrase: Bill Bryson – A short history of nearly everything + Count of Monte Cristo