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Site policies:

GSB Unofficial adheres to the honor code and fundamental standard, that means don't post content you are not allowed to share, or read content you are not allowed to access.

More specifically:

  • Do not share test questions, current or outdated
  • Do not breach GSB guest speaker's confidentiality (respect Chatham house rules, or other understandings put in place by the class or speaker)
  • Do not breach the policies and rules of your classes (in some classes, reading ahead is prohibited, as is accessing shared summaries during the course), please refer to your specific class's policies for details
  • Do not share copyrighted work, including copy/pasting slides and class contents without permission from the author (or via class policy)
  • Do not access this resource during an exam unless you have express permission from your instructor to do so

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your removal from this site in additional to any academic repressions issued by the school.